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INPADOCInternational Patent Documentation Center
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MicroPatent's INPADOC database is sourced from the European Patent Office (EPO) and includes records from 71 countries, 42 of which feature legal status information.
The addition of INPADOC is the first phase of a larger project at MicroPatent that entails enhancing searchable content with data from other sources.
Data from the INPADOC database and Questel-Orbit's collection of national full-text patent databases were merged into a new database called PlusPat.
The patent module consists of three collections based on data from the records available from the European Patent Office's INPADOC and DocDB databases plus additional patent information provided directly by national offices.
WORLD PATENT INDEX and INPADOC also can be used, although their coverage of information for Japan in not as complete as that found in JAPIO.
The jewel in the crown is a core collection of international patent files, including Derwent World Patents Index, INPADOC, IFICLAIMS, USPATFULL, and the JAPIO file.
Pilch is the former technical director of INPADOC and is attributed with founding and developing the INPADOC patent family database.
In addition, the Guide to Patent Expiries summarizes the coverage of each patent-issuing authority in Derwent World Patents Index and INPADOC.
European Patents Full-text expands Dialog's already authoritative collection of international patent data that includes INPADOC, Chinese Patent Abstracts in English, CLAIMS, Derwent World Patents Index, JAPIO, and U.
The databases join a growing cluster of patent files on STN, which includes PATDPA and PATGRAPH from the German Patent Office, files from INPADOC and IFI, APIPAT from the American Petroleum Institute, and MARPAT from CAS, as well as numerous other scientific and technical databases that contain patents.