INQImpulse Noise Quieting (audio technology)
INQClaims Inquiry (insurance)
INQInteQ Corporation
INQIndex for Nutritional Quality (diet research)
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However, as can be read on their website, "Facebook is part of the INQ Cloud Touch's DNA" and, in common with most of the world, the phone "can't live without it".
HTC's phone is set to have a special button taking the users immediately to Facebook, while INQ is reported to have been working with the networking website to create applications for its new phone -- the Cloud, that would mix Facebook Events with the phone's calendar and employ Facebook features permanently on the phone's screen.
Obviously we've got a longstanding relationship with Facebook and we want all INQ phones to deliver a very pure Facebook experience," Johnstone said.
We've specially customised our phones for India with two important additions -- the introduction of CricInfo as one of the widgets to satisfy the millions of cricket- obsessed Indians; and Orkut has also been added," said Frank Meehan, chief executive and founder, INQ Mobile.
INQ Mobile, a new Hutchison Whampoa company, is creating a category of consumer devices that put social networking, e-mail and instant messaging at the heart of innovative mass-market mobiles.
High INQ Snack = INQ |is greater than or equal to~ 0.
The INQ unveiled its social networking handset INQ Cloud Touch, and HTC came up with HTC 'Buffy', which boasted of deep Facebook integration, but both were not official Facebook phones.
com INQ CLOUD TOUCH,pounds 230 If you refer to your face as your 'profile picture' and going to bed as 'logging off', you probably spend too long on Facebook.
Soldier INQ 989 told the Saville Inquiry in London he believed responsibility for the deaths of 13 civil rights marchers lay with those who ordered Paras into Derry on January 30, 1972.
NEW YORK -- Today at TechCrunch Disrupt, INQ Mobile and foursquare announced that the companies are collaborating on a foursquare home screen experience for INQ's range of Android phones.
Phone makers INQ awarded an "influence rating" to celebrity tweeters.
Soldier INQ 1094 told the Saville inquiry: "I saw two soldiers wheeling or pulling a wheelbarrow or handcart which had on it between 40 and 50 SLRs.