INRENAREInstitute for the Management of Renewable Natural Resources
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The Banco de Desarrollo Agropecuario, for example, has more than $10 million in outstanding loans for agriculture and livestock production in the watershed, while INRENARE struggles with meager funds to protect and reestablish forests.
Agency for International Development (USAID), organized more than forty government agencies and private groups with interests in the canal watershed into the Comite Tecnico Interinstitucional (CTI), which would advise INRENARE and other government agencies with regard to land-use planning in the watershed.
To do this, ARI was to "consult and arrive at agreements with" other agencies operating in the watershed, including INRENARE and the CTI.
Department of the Interior helped a team of specialists from INRENARE, ARI, and the CTI to develop a strategy for the use and protection of the watershed, and helped ARI and the CTI-member agencies develop and agree to collaborative actions.
Nuestro mas sincero agradecimiento a Santiago Castroviejo (CSIC), a INRENARE, especialmente a Ivan Tunon y a Luis Jimenez.