INSARAGInternational Search and Rescue Advisory Group
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The United States was one of 58 countries that sponsored the UN resolution endorsing the INSARAG guidelines.
Germany was classified as a "medium team" worldwide in 2007 and 2012 by INSARAG according to IEC standards.
Rizwan Naseer thanked UN OCHA for assisting Emergency Service of Pakistan to achieve INSARAG certification.
International USAR teams that are members of INSARAG work very closely with the UNDAC team on-site.
The challenges posed by the incoming flood of spontaneous volunteers to the disaster site are wide-ranging and well-documented, not only in relation to Haiti and other mega disasters, including the 2004 Tsunami, but in most major natural disasters going back to the 1980s, as will be shown shortly with INSARAG.
They were given tasks every day by the INSARAG On-Site Operations Co-ordination Centre (OSOCC).
Colonel Ahmed Abdullah Al Kindi, head of the UAE team, said that exercise is a basic requirement for obtaining the international classification from the International Search and Rescue Advisory Group, INSARAG, of the United Nations.
A recurring feature of IDL instruments is to request each state to waive such claims, usually with the exception of cases of willful misconduct or gross negligence, (74) as also recommended by non-binding texts such as the INSARAG Guidelines (75) or NATO documents.
It has successfully undergone an International Search and Rescue Advisory Group (INSARAG) External Classification Exercise, and having fully met all the criteria established in the INSARAG Guidelines, has been classified as a Heavy Urban Search and Rescue .
After the opening, the prime minister, along with other ministers and officials went on a tour of the exhibition, during which the Qatari Search and Rescue Team (SRT), the Emirati SRT and INSARAG secretariat gave special presentations.
Contract awarded for UN INSARAG HEAVY IER reinforcement training facilities and installation
UNDAC and INSARAG events, exercises, and trainings;