INSARAGInternational Search and Rescue Advisory Group
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Germany was classified as a "medium team" worldwide in 2007 and 2012 by INSARAG according to IEC standards.
Rizwan Naseer thanked UN OCHA for assisting Emergency Service of Pakistan to achieve INSARAG certification.
He shared information pertaining to the capacity, function, and equipment of the Punjab Emergency Service, which has developed its infrastructure on modern lines and now this INSARAG certification would further enhance the disaster response capacity of emergency services in Pakistan.
International USAR teams that are members of INSARAG work very closely with the UNDAC team on-site.
Such a platform was first created for urban search and rescue by the UNDAC team under the INSARAG Guidelines.
Prior to the advent of instant media presence at disasters, the community of international disaster responders was a small, professional community mainly contained in the INSARAG, UNDAC and IHP networks, with the United Nations providing a forum for discussion.
The Moroccan heavy team is the first among the INSARAG classified units to deploy all its human and material resources outside the national territory to participate in this exercise initiated under the auspices of the UN Office for the Coordination of humanitarian Affairs (OCHA).
The primary intention of the INSARAG certification is to provide better understanding of the individual abilities of urban search and rescue teams (USAR) making themselves available for international assistance, according to INSARAG.
The UN INSARAG certification is an independent, verifiable, voluntary process that has received unanimous acceptance through the INSARAG.
Secretary-General of the ICDO Dr Vladimir Kuvshinov and Representative of INSARAG Terje Skavdal also spoke at the event.
The INSARAG guidelines are well known in disaster medicine circles and should be adhered too.
Working under the auspices of global organisations such as INSARAG or the World Health Organization (WHO) is the last critical component for a medical response.