INSASIndian National Small Arms System
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The INSAS is widely used by troopers deployed for crucial operations but the rifle has not been giving the best results," officials said.
The CRPF is the main force involved in operations against Maoists, and the officials said the INSAS should be used in such operations.
Compared to the AK- 47 or X 95, the INSAS has a higher error percentage.
We have recovered one AK 47 rifle with magazine and ammunition and one INSAS rifle.
The most visible sight of a foot soldier carrying the home- made INSAS -- slammed for being a poor copy of the Kalashnikov -- as standard weapon will fade away in the coming years.
At present, it uses the INSAS LMG, which has a range of 700m and weighs 6.
She also informed that an INSAS rifle and 40 kitbags were recovered from the rebels.
They) lost 42 INSAS rifles, 17 AK- 47s, six INSAS light machine guns, seven self- loading rifles, two mortars and a carbine," the MHA statement added.
The naxals also managed to take away an AK-47 and an INSAS rifle of the CRPF personnel.