INSEInternational Network of Social Entrepreneurs
INSEInternational Studies and Education (Berlin study program)
INSEInstitute for Natural Systems Engineering (Utah Water Research Laboratory; est. 1989)
INSEInformation Systems Engineering (Concordia Institute for Information Systems Engineering; Canada)
INSEInstitute of Nuclear Science and Engineering (Idaho State University; Pocatello, ID)
INSEInstitute of NanoScience and Engineering (University of Pittsburgh; Pennsylvania)
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TLD diagnosis was based on 4 criteria: (1) responses to 16 items from Neppe's short INSE T questionnaire that reflect various symptoms characteristic of TLD; (2) etiological predisposing factors including (a) brain insults such as concussions, tumors, and encephalitis; (b) recreational use of certain pleasure drugs; (3) results of waking, sleeping, and ambulatory EECs; and (4) response to prescribed anticonvulsant medications.