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INSEEInstitut National de la Statistique et des Études Économiques
INSEEIndian Society for Ecological Economics (est. 1998)
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That may suggest the Bank of France's gloomy forecasts for the end of the year are closer to reality than French Finance Minister Pierre Moscovici, who recently said he expected the economy to grow slightly in the third quarter of 2012, while INSEE predicts zero growth.
The outlook from the central bank is the same as the forecast from the national statistics institute INSEE which reported the data on the industrial production upturn.
Turning back to the growth outlook, INSEE said that if business activity was flat in the last three months of 2012, final figures would show growth for the entire year of just 0.
The economy could further expand in 2014, INSEE remarked, reaching the healthier levels recorded in the pre-crisisperiod before the financial collapse in 2008.
There are more households which feel it better to save," said INSEE, noting a 10 point gain in that sub-index since July.
France's national statistical agency INSEE says in a statement Friday that French industrial production shrank 1.
Separate collection of household and similar waste, door-to-door and by voluntary contributions on all twenty-six (26) member municipalities to Smirtom of Beaugency region (46 515 inhabitants, legal population - INSEE 2011).
INSEE said that the volume of household consumption rose a sharp 1.
In June, national statistics agency INSEE confirmed that the economy is in recession, with output down 0.
2% in the previous quarter, data published by national statistics office INSEE showed on Thursday.
Commission members include representatives of the Bank of France, market supervisory body COB, statistics institute INSEE, European and French associations of financial analysts, economists and distinguished academics specialized in finance.
The mission will also include the exploitation and analysis of the national housing 2013-2014 INSEE survey on housing HLM and SEM agencies.