INSMETInstituto de Meteorología de Cuba (Spanish: Cuban Meteorological Institute)
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On the afternoon of 28 March, the UCAR delegation visited the INSMET headquarters in Casablanca, across the bay from Havana, and one of numerous topics discussed was the possibility of installing a ground-based GPS receiver in Cuba.
He then presented INSMET with a book on the use of GPS for obtaining precipitable water estimates, and urged Dr.
In a completely independent event, two weeks before the UCAR-SFSU visit to Havana, Robock had visited Camaguey on 11-14 March 2007 to discuss continued collaboration with Antuna-Marrero and also visited Havana and INSMET.
Despite not having Garcia as a translator, Anthes had further discussions with INSMET about putting a ground-based GPS receiver at the INSMET weather observatory in Casablanca.