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INSPInternational Network of Street Papers (UK)
INSPInspirational Network
INSPInstitut des Nanosciences de Paris (French)
INSPInternational Nuclear Safety Program
INSPInternational Network on Strategic Philanthropy
INSPInternet Name Server Protocol
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In addition to employment, many INSP street papers offer their vendors on-going social support and training opportunities.
INSP supports the development and sustainability of its members, and adds value to their work so that thousands of homeless vendors - 250,000 so far - can earn a living and improve their lives.
We're grateful we've been able to partner with DAV to bring more awareness to the inspiring stories of sacrifice and courage made by brave veterans through our 'Moments' stories," said INSP CEO and Chairman David Cerullo.
Those not receiving INSP through their cable, telco or satellite provider can call and ask for INSP to be added to their channel lineup to watch these stories and other family-friendly programming.
The three videos will run during commercial breaks on INSP and can be viewed at www.
INSP is a 24 hour-a-day cable television network which currently serves more than 1,350 cable systems across the country with a growing subscriber base of more than 14.
Kingdom Adventure" will be the second new show to recently air on INSP.
With the opening of our new Charlotte studios next January, cable TV viewers can look forward to more cable-exclusive, high-quality, original, family-oriented inspirational entertainment programming to come from INSP.
Additionally, INSP will have live remote broadcast and location production equipment, which can be used as a resource by both the television and motion picture industries.
While INSP plans to make its facilities available for use by outside producers, the studios are a key part of the network's plan to originally produce 35 percent of its own high-quality, family oriented, cable exclusive programming by the year 1997.
Additionally, INSP will have live remote broadcast and full electronic field production (EFP) capability through its microwave transmitter equipped production truck.
Our target, over the next five years, is to raise the level of locally produced, original programming on the INSP cable network to a level of 35 percent.