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INSPASSImmigration and Naturalization Service Passenger Accelerated Service System (US Immigration and Naturalization Service)
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Department of Justice evaluated the initial INSPASS system, which cost about $3 million.
The Smart Border Accord negotiated between Canada and the United States contains useful elements: hightech identity cards for permanent residents, using biometric identifiers, and preclearance programs for frequent travelers--known as INSPASS at airports and CANPASS, dedicated commuter lanes--at land borders.
Among the innovative projects begun under the EDS/INS partnership are INSPASS, an automated kiosk which utilizes advanced biometric technology to reduce inspection time at border locations for low-risk, frequent international travelers; IDENT, a fingerprint identification system now in use at scores of border crossing locations; and SENTRI, an automated inspection lane for low-risk vehicular traffic across borders.
After their application is accepted, a three-dimensional image of the hand's size and shape is recorded onto the INSPASS card.