INSPQInstitut National de Santé Publique du Québec (French: National Public Health Institute of Quebec; Canada)
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This review constituted the basis of further INSPQ actions on the topic.
Over 40 conferences on UHIs have been hosted by the INSPQ climate change team; scores of articles have been published in local newspapers following the announcement or completion of the UHI mitigation projects; and several interviews on radio and television, both by the INSPQ climate change team and project managers, have helped boost awareness of UHI mitigation nationwide.
Since the project launch in March 2007, the INSPQ has kept a registry of nurses who successfully completed training in hormonal contraception.
Thereby, the process of quality assessment, a weakness highlighted by the INSPQ report, could benefit from improvement.
In spite of all the aforementioned favourable conditions, the INSPQ concluded at the time that evidence was lacking to issue a recommendation in favour of the NBS for CF.
Using participants' personal address transformed into unique latitude and longitude, a geomatic specialist of the INSPQ determined whether this localization was in a UHI, a coolness island or neither according to analysis of thermal information from Landsat satellite images.
Acknowledgements: We acknowledge the excellent contribution of Steve Toutant, geomatic specialist at the INSPQ, for the determination of ecological data.
The INSPQ survey underlined the lack of data concerning pharmacists' knowledge, beliefs and attitudes about immunization in a Canadian context.
The INSPQ survey revealed that 27% of Quebec's community pharmacies offered onsite immunization administered by a nurse.
Ayotte, Unite de recherche en sante publique CHUQ-CHUL and INSPQ, 945 avenue Wolfe, [4.