INTACHIndian National Trust for Art and Cultural Heritage
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INTACH has also prepared a list of valuable possessions belonging to the St James' Church, which need scientific restoration.
INTACH takes its guests through the two quarters of the city--the French side and the Tamil side.
The Mumbai Chapter of INTACH (the Indian National Trust for Art and Cultural Heritage, founded in 1984) is campaigning for major civic improvements.
Out of remaining raw data of 47,000 of 80,000 sites available with NMMA (32,832 templates were computerised during the year 2014-2015) on Built Heritage and Sites collected from IAR, INTACH, D-Forms etc.
INTACH Project Coordinator Annabel Lopez, said, " Such an entry to the UN has to have the local government's endorsement.
INTACH experts said that the damage to the building was only superficial and it could be repaired.
Abhinav Sharma of the Delhi Chapter of INTACH asserted, "This project is for Delhi Tourism, and if Delhi is announced as a World Heritage City, the tourism sector will gain the maximum benefit, and the footfall will increase automatically.
Noted illustrator and cartoonist Mario Miranda passed away at his home in Goa on December 11, 2011, barely a week before a retrospective of his was due to open at the 16th-century fort of Reis Margos in Panaji, recently restored by the Goan chapter of INTACH.
For those who revel in history, INTACH conducts walks, but it is possible to pick up a fairly detailed guidebook and just make your way around.
Subsequently, the then Sheila Dixit- government signed the first agreement with INTACH in 2008 for documentation and conservation of these monuments.
Anuradha Reddy, co-convener, INTACH, angrily condemned the TRS government's plan.