INTASCInterstate New Teachers Assessment and Support Consortium
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It is also similar to the third, fourth, and fifth INTASC teacher disposition highlighted in this paper.
INTASC Principles--Interstate New Teachers Assessment and Support Consortium (2006).
Table 6 notes the mean scores for the online candidates for the TxBESS Standard(s) that are most closely aligned with each of nine INTASC Standards.
No state has implemented the complete package, particularly since the INTASC standards for licensure are very new and examinations to measure achievement of those standards are still being developed.
Learning about new things seems to correspond to INTASC Standard 4 and NCATE Standard 1b (in Table 4).
These Learning Outcomes were derived from NCATE's INTASC Standards for accreditation of Colleges of Education.
Findings of the Analysis of INTASC, NCATE, and NBPTS Standards: Appreciating Diversity
Infusing INTASC principles into teacher preparation at a professional development school: Assessing benefits to stakeholders.
Teacher candidates self-rated statements from a teacher preparation accreditation organization, the INTASC standards.
The book begins by reviewing the research base on classroom management, then examines different models of classroom management as discipline, as a system, and as instruction, showing how each of the models addresses current INTASC standards.
6% of middle school teachers hold a certification without a major in science, although studies have demonstrated that undergraduate or graduate degrees in the content field are associated with student achievement (Ferguson & Ladd, 1996; Goldhaber & Brewer, 1997; 2000; Rowan, Chiang, & Miller, 1997; Wayne & Youngs, 2003), and national organizations such as INTASC, NCATE, and NMSA call for strong content preparation of middle school teachers.