INTDIntroduction to Interior Design (various locations)
INTDInternational Near-Term Deployment (nuclear energy; Generation IV International Forum; Nuclear Energy Advisory Committee)
INTDInternational Nuclear Target Development
INTDInternational Network Technology Development
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Students could enroll in the aforementioned INTD 4116 course or any equivalent course in the Biology, Mathematics or Chemistry departments to work for one semester or more under the mentorship of the faculty member supported by the IIR.
The interdisciplinary research program sponsored by the IIR and the INTD 4116 course facilitated this increased involvement of faculty and undergraduate students from a wide variety of disciplines.
2, INTD, refers to the impact of the share of intra-industry trade on bilateral trade flows, which is expected to be positive, i.
Along with her teaching at INTD and her many projects and association activities, she also continued to supervise the services of the Catalog and Bibliography Room at the BN.