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INTELSATInternational Telecommunications Satellite (Organization)
INTELSATInternational Telecommunications Satellite
INTELSATIntelligence Satellite
INTELSATInternational Satellite Service
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The customers committed to Intelsat 33e and the applications supported reflect the vast geographic coverage of the satellite:
This Intelsat 33e satellite, manufactured by Boeing and launched in August 2016, is reportedly equipped with the most advanced digital payload on a commercial spacecraft.
Intelsat 36 will enable MultiChoice to extend high definition channels throughout the region via one of Africa's premier video neighborhoods.
Intelsat EpicNG is designed to address wireless and fixed telecommunications, enterprise, mobility, video and government applications that require broadband infrastructure.
Part of the net proceeds of the new term loan has been contributed or loaned to Intelsat Jackson's indirect subsidiary, Intelsat Corporation, which has used the funds to repay all existing indebtedness under Intelsat Corp's existing senior secured credit facilities, including approximately $1.
The licences for all INTELSAT's current and planned satellites operating in the C- and Ku-bands will be held by a US-based company called Intelsat Llc once INTELSAT is privatised.