INTEMInternational Technology Management Corporation (Philippines)
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The PLT count showed statistically significant correlations with MCF INTEM and MCF EXTEM in the preanhepatic phase; with MCF EXTEM in the anhepatic phase and the postanhepatic phase.
The correlation was not significant between aPTT and CT INTEM in the preanhepatic, anhepatic and postanhepatic phases, nor between aPTT and CFT INTEM in any of the transplantation phases, preanhepatic, anhepatic and postanhepatic phase.
Our results showed a highly significant correlation between PLT count and MCF INTEM and MCF EXTEM during OLT, which is similar to the results of previous studies [19, 20].
The study results did not show a correlation between aPTT and CT INTEM, nor between aPTT and CFT INTEM during the entire procedure, which has been reported by other authors as well [19, 21, 22].
Intems typically are graduating from journalism school, with strong reporting skills and previous internship experience.