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INTERCALCompiler Language with No Pronounceable Acronym (intentionally obscure programming language)
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Plus specifiquement, a partir de la liste des noms de tous les partenaires fournie par QEF, les chercheurs visaient la quasi-totalite de la population, soit 6 a 8 partenaires par CAL ou INTERCAL.
If you are interested in developing applications or utifties in Ada, assembler, BASIC, Dylen, Forth, Fortran, INTERCAL, LISP, Logo, Mercury, Module, Oberon, Pascal, Perl, Prolog, Python, Rexx, Sather, SIMULA, or Tcl/Tk you will find many free development tools to fit your needs, There are also two popular compilers available, the GNU C Compiler, end the Experimental GNU Compiler System.