INTERFETInternational Force in East Timor
INTERFETInternational Field-Effect Transistor Corporation
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For the first phase of the initial intervention mission in Timor known as INTERFET, Australia had the full range of military capabilities, the will, and the funding to assume leadership of the multinational coalition.
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4) Martinkus noted that during the 1999 INTERFET operation in East Timor, he had enjoyed 'friendly first name relations .
90) At the same time, the numerous emergency detentions resulting from the Australian-led INTERFET operation necessitated the urgent appointment of judges with an existing knowledge of local civil law and without need for the extensive translation services typically demanded by international judges.
RAMSI also marked an evolution in that, perhaps emboldened by its leadership role within INTERFET, Australia was increasingly encouraging regional responses to regional problems, no longer committed to involving the UN in the process.
The Ordinance permitted INTERFET to detain several categories of individuals, including those who posed a "security risk.
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Obviously the operational aspects INTERFET were not perfect and highlighted concerns previously expressed by the American military about coalitions and peacekeeping/use of force.
In November 1999, INTERFET troops totaled 11,000 from 17 countries.
General Cosgrove, commander of the INTERFET operation was quoted as saying that the Swing Thru lift was "one of the most valuable pieces of operational equipment in East Timor".
At this point, the Brigade, renamed WESTFOR, became the western force of INTERFET with headquarters in the town of Suai.