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GCI plans to launch the Interop solutions in fourth quarter 2012 using a modified-hosted deployment, where Interop manages the solutions but the technology resides at GCI's network operations centre.
We are pleased to expand our relationship with GCI, enabling it to further its strategy of providing subscribers the most advanced communication features and value-added services," said Fred Farrell, Vice President of North American Sales, Interop Technologies.
Wireless operators will need a highly reliable, accurate, and cost-effective OTA solution for OTASP devices for the foreseeable future," said Fred Farrell, Vice President Sales, North America, Interop Technologies.
Built with modular, distributed architecture, the extremely robust Interop SMSC 4 Series delivers unlimited scalability for today's high volume and availability requirements.
Interop Technologies recently developed this "aggregator of aggregators" approach to simplify the complex wireless content value chain and create benefits for all participants--wireless operators, aggregators, content providers, and customers.
Interop Las Vegas attendees will have the opportunity to take free, engineer-led tours of the InteropNet throughout the exhibition and gain a practical, behind the scenes view.
The Interop Vendor Alliance is designed to better connect people, data and diverse systems through enhanced interoperability with Microsoft technology.
The real-time information provided by MIMOSA Interop Server eliminates unnecessary maintenance and reduces unplanned downtime, which leads to increased profits and more efficient allocation of financial and human resources.
IT professionals continue to come to Interop shows because of its reputation for bringing together the best in the industry," said Dirk Gates, CEO of Xirrus.
Formed in 2006, the Interop Vendor Alliance is an industry-wide group working to identify and share opportunities to better connect people, data and diverse systems through better interoperability with Microsoft systems and to jointly market interoperability solutions of its members.
Our membership in the Interop Vendor Alliance brings us that much closer to realizing our vision for an open payments system over broadband," said Chip Kahn, CEO, IP Commerce.
Joining the Interop Vendor Alliance allows Software AG to enhance its commitment to openness and interoperability, a commitment required by enterprises that are adopting services oriented architecture (SOA).
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