INTRANIn Transit
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We are excited to have won this project and are pleased to have Sirit on our team," said Michael Conlon, InTranS Project Manager.
InTranS Group is a leading ITS and Tolling Systems Integrator headquartered in Long Island, New York with offices throughout the US, Caribbean and North America.
InTranS Group is a leading global provider of electronic, contactless toll systems and is the prime contractor for the project.
We are pleased to have Video Convergence, a leader in security, video surveillance and ITS solutions, as a team member," said InTranS Group's president and CEO, Eric Boulard.
We are excited to partner with InTranS Group, a global leader in innovative electronic toll technologies, to create a highway environment with a heightened level of control and security that also affords its travelers the convenience of high speed, electronic toll paying.
We are very pleased and honored to have been chosen to provide access control and video security solutions for SR 125 as part of the InTranS team," said Controlled Access General Manager Casey Guagenti.
InTranS Group is a leading provider of toll systems in the US and is the Prime Contractor for the SR125 project.
We are excited to have Controlled Access as a team member," said InTranS Group's President and CEO, Eric Boulard.