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IOCTLInput/Output Control
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El driver contiene dos funciones IOCTL para lectura y escritura a los puertos E/S.
Once attached, the Catcher uses ioctl system calls on the open file descriptor to control the process.
It gathered some of this information by making direct ioctl calls, and by running the netstat program with various arguments.
Key features include Bootloader (CF-ATA, Ethernet, PCMCIA-ATA, and serial support), OAL Components (kernel startup, debug, interrupt, and IOCTL support), and documentation for all custom APIs.
Therefore, we implement a V-channel module that can receive bandwidth information provided to the NIC along with communication to the driver using ioctl.
Our device driver efficiently handles interrupts generated by Alpha performance counter overflows and provides an ioctl interface that allows user-mode programs to flush samples from kernel buffers to user space.
Features include: -- Protocol Layers in Generic Form -- RFCOMM -- L2CAP -- SDP -- HCI -- Security and Configuration Management -- Ready Profiles OBEX and AT-Commands -- Device Drivers -- Windows 98, Windows 2000 , Windows CE -- OS Independent Code -- RTOS Portability Palm OS, VxWorks -- Compact Code -- Flexible APIs Socket API, IOCTL and Salutation API -- Built-in Protocol Analyzer