IOCUInternational Organization of Consumers Unions
IOCUInput/Output Control Unit
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In the 1980s, IOCU began to enter more and more into network arrangements, working with new social movement organizations focusing on pesticide use, high prices of prescription medicines, and tobacco advertising, among others.
Foo Gaik Sim, IOCU on Record: A Documentary History of the International Organization of Consumers Unions, 1960-1990 (Yonkers, NY: Consumers Union, 1991), p.
IOCU Code of Good Practice and Guidelines for Controlling Business-Sponsored Educational Materials in Schools.
In the experience of IOCU members there was little difference between public monopolies and unregulated private monopolies.
Hansen, Michael and Sarojini Regnam (1987), Violating the Pesticide Code: A Survey of Indonesia, the Philippines and Thailand, Penang, Malaysia: IOCU and the Institute for Consumer Policy Research, Consumers Union.
As a result of IOCU pressure, many governments are becoming more aware of the need to protect consumers from misleading or deceptive actions of businesses (Morello 1983).
This suggests an appropriate initiative for the IOCU to consider in order to ensure that high quality test data are made available to IOCU members, and through them, to millions of consumer-users around the world.