IOGAIndependent Oil and Gas Association
IOGAIllinois Oil and Gas Association
IOGAIdaho Outfitters & Guides Association
IOGAInternational Organization of Glutaric Acidemia
IOGAIndian Oil and Gas Act (Canada)
IOGAIndustry Organized, Government Approved
IOGAIowa Outfitter and Guide Association
IOGAIllinois Oil and Gas Act
IOGAInput/Output Gate Array
IOGAIndianapolis Organic Gardeners Association (Indiana)
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The IOGA will respond to and interpret decisions made by the International Energy Transition Agency (IETA) which by necessity will be a UN-related agency similar to existing UN-related international institutions and agencies like MARPOL, the International Convention for Prevention of Pollution from Ships.
The state supreme court ruled that the decision in the IOGA case applied only to oil and gas interests.
All profit after cost of goods was donated to our IOGA causes and mission.
The IOGA 7TH Annual Golf Classic will take place on Sept 25, 2009 at the Latrobe Country Club.
GLUCOSYL CEREBROSIDE LIPIDOSIS See: Gaucher Disease GLUTARIC ACIDURIA, TYPE I See also: Acidemia, Organic; Lactic Acidosis International Organization for Glutaric Aciduria, Type I IOGA Rd #4, Box 299-A Blairsville.
Cay adds, "Although I cannot rescue my son or wave a magic wand saying, `This will all be better, Michael,' I can and do aid others through our IOGA Web site, newsletters, co-sponsoring medical conferences, linking families, and advocating the expanded newborn screening for every state.