IOGCIndian Oil and Gas Canada (Canada)
iOGCInternational Online Gamers Community
IOGCInterstate Oil and Gas Commission (Oklahoma City, OK)
IOGCIron Ore, Gold, Copper (mining)
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This difference is that the federal government has active involvement with First Nations' oil and gas production, and actually created the system that puts IOGC directly in the middle of the process, rather than allowing the oil companies to go directly to the First Nations.
Then they approach IOGC and say they want to do exploration or seismic work on A, or B, or C First Nation.
In a parallel development, IOGC set up a pilot project with two Alberta bands (Siksika and Blood) and a Saskatchewan band (White Bear) to develop the infrastructure of those bands to deal directly with their own resources.
Other smaller oil producing bands will probably still need the assistance of some federal authority (some bands only have a few hundred members), and there will probably be a role for INAC and IOGC well into the future.
IOGC is also responsible for facilitating and supporting initiatives to transfer control of oil and gas resources to First Nations.
Another one size fits all problem is that IOGC has its preferred deal structure that involves the payment of some standard signing bonuses and standard royalties.
Selective exploration of prospective nickel sulphide and IOGC targets will continue for the remainder of the year.
The gravity data is expected to map any high-density features within the metasedimentary environment, which are typical targets of IOGC (Iron Ore, Gold, Copper) type deposits associated with uranium.
The 1,200 hectare Liviovaara and 16,800 hectare Sahavaara prospects (Pajala Exploration Permits) near Pajala, Norbotten District, Sweden are similar to other significant IOGC type targets located within Sweden and Finland.
A team of Far West and BHP Billiton personnel identified in excess of 20 "Target Areas" containing one or more distinct airborne gravity anomalies that have signatures that could represent the presence of IOGC mineralization.