IOGTInternational Organisation of Good Templars
IOGTIndian Ocean Group Training
IOGTInternational Order of Gnostic Templars
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I would like to conclude by congratulating IOGT International on their tremendous efforts and achievements in promoting a life for all human beings to be free from harm caused by alcohol and other drugs, and ACID for hosting this Conference.
Willing to accept women leaders and members on equal terms, the IOGT held its own during the war and burgeoned afterward, prodding the Sons of Temperance to accept females.
African Americans were at least partially included in the IOGT, the WCTU, and the military veterans' associations; women participated along with men in the IOGT and the Grange.
Initially, the IOGT had no racial restrictions, leaving membership decisions to local lodges.
Fahey also provides considerable insight into the extent of black membership within the organization on both sides of the Atlantic, the significance of black contributions to IOGT, and the importance of race and racism to its history.