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IOIInternational Olympiad in Informatics
IOIInternational Ocean Institute
IOIIndicator of Interest
IOIInternational Ombudsman Institute (Canada)
IOIIndication of Interest
IOIInteruniversitair Oogheelkundig Instituut (Dutch)
IOIIdentity of Interest
IOIItem of Interest
IOIInteronset Interval (music composition)
IOIIn Orbit Infrastructure
IOIInterim Operating Instructions
IOIIntegrated Operating Instruction (specifically, how to start up or shut down a nuclear power plant)
IOIItems of Importance
IOIInternal Operating Instruction
IOIInter-Ocular Impact (hits you right between the eyes)
IOIItem of Inspection
IOIInternal Operating Income
IOIInterest on Investment (finance)
IOIIndian Ocean Islands
IOIInstitute of Informatics (various locations)
IOIIndependent Opportunities, Inc. (Tulsa, OK)
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According to Unilever, the suspension puts IOI in breach of its policy.
He asserted that the Ombudsman's membership of IOI would reflect positively on the kingdom's status at the international level, and enable the office to benefit from IOI's expertise and specialised training sessions.
Dow Jones has reported citing Senior Vice President for Sustainability Simo Honkanen sa saying, 'We continue our cooperation with IOI as there are currently no reasons to question the sustainability of operations at the estates or mills where we procure our palm oil.
First, the K-means algorithm is applied to the original image in order to divide it into three sections, and the weighting mask is used to obtain the IOI.
The all-India and regional pattern of decline in IOI during seventies and increase thereafter is equally valid for all the states with exception of two hill states in the northwestern region.
FIXCITY's flagship product ioinet is reportedly highly regarded for its sophisticated IOI (indications of interest) analysis, filtering and alerting capabilities.
IOI faced a significant challenge in that two foundries it had turned to had not been able to provide the precision lithography, etching, and packaging necessary for its photonic crystals.
The IOI is one of a number of olympiads held annually in differing countries.
Malaysian newspaper The Star reported last week that local palm oil exporter IOI Corporation has announced plans to build a new biodiesel production facility in either Malaysia, Putrajaya or Holland.
During these imitative attempts on the Disklavier, IOI (inter-onset interval) data were collected to compare the imitation to its model.
And like their athletic Olympic counterparts, contenders in the IOI flock to the competition for one reason: a love of their sport, which, in this case, is computer programming.
It also says that, "In all 50 of the women evaluated, the final wave of the IOI was an ovulatory major wave, while preceding waves were either major or minor anovulatory waves.