IOITInstitute of Information Technology (Vietnam)
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The core strategy of IOIT is the Carefluence OpenAPI, a production ready platform and a living example of a complete Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR[R]) implementation.
The Carefluence OpenAPI platform is an essential actor in the middle of the Internet of Interoperable Things," explains Carefluence Co-founder and Chief Technology Officer, Aditya Ayyagari, "Besides supporting backward compatibility with HL7 V2 and CCDA formats, Carefluence utilizes IOIT to normalize all standards as appropriate FHIR resources, bringing simplicity and flexibility to the Carefluence platform and IOIT.
Ayyagari comments on the capability of IOIT stating, "Now EHRs can use the Carefluence platform for anticipated Stage 3 of Meaningful Use requirements and [Independent Software Vendors] can develop Health IT applications with Carefluence using the SMART on FHIR paradigm.