IOKAInternational Okinawa Kobudo Association
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I couldn't have beaten him without the support of my fans on my home ground," said Ioka, 23.
Ioka took a 2-1 split lead after eight rounds and drew blood from Yaegashi's nose in the 11th round before being declared the winner.
He tasked the Exeter Theater Company, the nonprofit formed to save the theater in the wake of its closure, with restoring the Ioka and to recruit 1,000 members by the end of March.
Tadashi Ioka, Phone: 81-3-5471-1138, Fax: 81-3-5471-1042; GM Isuzu Commercial Truck, Todd Bloom, Phone: 562-229-5283, Fax: 562-229-5453;
The money was used toward a $10,000 non-refundable deposit to take ownership of the Ioka Theater in downtown Exeter with the goal of creating the Ioka Digital & Performing Arts Center.
Isuzu spokesman Tadashi Ioka stated that the automaker is currently exporting finished vehicles to Saudi Arabia, and is considering various ways to expand its business in the Kingdom.
After 93 years, the Ioka Theater in Exeter will be is closing its doors Christmas Eve.
The Ioka on Water Street in Exeter is said to have been given its Indian name, meaning "playground," shortly after its 1915 opening by a girl scout who later became the theater's first cashier.