IOLIInvestor-Owned Life Insurance
IOLIInternational Old Lacers Incorporated
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These pedagogic imperatives involved moving away from the CALI Author type standalone multiple-choice system in order to develop an entirely new learning environment called Iolis with components including:
Thus, Iolis went beyond the Feedback Loop through promoting different ways of learning in an environment which emphasised student learning rather than teaching.
The LCC co-operatively developed the successful Iolis courseware using the lessons of UK and US developments as a springboard for the concept of an integrated electronic environment with much more complex interactive exercises based on a new generation of authoring tools (Paliwala, 1998; Paliwala, this volume)
The development of CALI and IOLIS makes an interesting case study of the transition to network society.
Thus, a key aspect of Iolis was that the courseware should not simply be programmed learning exercises, but provide a rich multimedia learning environment with a variety of functions such as text and hypertext, interactive exercises, a library of resources, note taking and an annotation and discussion forum (Paliwala 2005).
The difference between the eCasebook and the CALI or Iolis type of courseware was that it was modelled on the typical US paper casebook.
During Iolis development we were asked by the funders "How many bums will this put on seats?
CALI Courseware, Iolis and Electronic Textbooks are, in principle, enhancements of traditional learning resources and not substitutes for traditional teaching.
Consequently, before Legal Methods could adequately cover the basics of the English legal system, it needed to first focus on basic skills such as ICT training, including workshops on basic word-processing and email management; legal research skills, including the use of electronic databases and the internet for legal information retrieval and the use of IOLIS courseware.