IOOAIrish Offshore Operators' Association
IOOAInterim Office of Architecture (design studio; San Francisco, CA)
IOOAIn Order of Appearance
IOOAInferior Oblique Muscle Overaction (opthalmology)
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IOOA is an incomitant vertical deviation characterized by eye elevation caused by adduction.
Both primary and secondary IOOA have been successfully treated with myectomy, recession and transposition procedures for many years.
The mean follow-up duration was 15 months; the mean pre-and postoperative IOOA severity was 2.
13 conducted a prospective study in which 20 children with bilateral +3 IOOA underwent myectomy in one eye and anterior transposition in the fellow eye and were followed for 20 months.
The most important complications in IO myectomy are adherence syndrome, which results from the free ends adhering to the sclera or one another, and IOOA recurrence.