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IOPIntensive Out Patient (treatment program)
IOPInstitute Of Physics
IOPIntraocular Pressure
IOPInstitute of Psychiatry
IOPIntensive Outpatient Program
IOPIntensive Outpatient Program (psychotherapy)
IOPIn Original Packaging
IOPInstitute of Politics (Harvard University)
IOPIsle of Palms (South Carolina)
IOPIndirect Object Pronoun (education)
IOPIncreased Intraocular Pressure
IOPInput Output Platform
IOPInput Output Port
IOPInteroperability Provider
IOPInput Output Processor
IOPInstitute of Packaging (UK)
IOPInstitute of Oriental Philosophy (Japan)
IOPInternational Outreach Program (various locations)
IOPInstitute of Plumbing
IOPInternational Online Pharmacy
IOPIn-Orbit Plane (US NASA)
IOPInternational Opportunities Program
IOPInternational Organisation of Palaeobotany
IOPInternal Operating Procedure
IOPInternal Occipital Protuberance (anatomy)
IOPInstitute of Philosophy
IOPIntensive Operational Period
IOPInternational Organization of Psychophysiology (UN)
IOPInput/Output Package
IOPInstitute of Paper
IOPInherent Optical Property
IOPInnocent Owner/Operator Program
IOPIntensive Operating Period
IOPInternal Oral Presentation (examination)
IOPInstitutional Operating Plan
IOPIntelligent Operator Panel (Siemens)
IOPIntense Observation Period
IOPInstrument of Power
IOPIncreased Offertory Program (church offerings; various locations)
IOPIndividual Oral Presentation (International Baccalaureate assignment)
IOPInput/Output Parameter
IOPInterim Operating Procedure
IOPInanimate Objects Party
IOPInfrastructure Optimization Project
IOPInstallation Operating Program
IOPInformational One-Pager
IOPInterface Operating Procedure
IOPInternal Operating Profit
IOPItem of Priority
IOPIntensive Observation/Observing Period
IOPIndividual Owner's Plan (surveying; Canada)
IOPInformation Operations Platform (US Air Force)
IOPIntegrated Office Package
IOPInstrument Operating Procedure
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This study shows that PCI can differentiate between glaucomatous and non-glaucomatous eyes better than the IOP levels in eyes with PXF.
6] Although there was a change in IOP following yoga, it was not statistically significant.
The IOP has been working with the DfE for several years to address the shortage of physics teachers in England.
17) With respect to therapeutic efficiency, there are several studies reporting relative IOP reductions from baseline ranging between 26.
Walter says in the Northeast, IOP was established around 1990 as a step-down transition from residential care to help patients maintain recovery with more support than 12-Step meetings alone.
For this group of wild HPs, the mean [+ or -] SD (range) of tear production was 9 [+ or -] 4 mm/min (2 20 mm/min), and the mean [+ or -] SD (range) of the IOP was 28 [+ or -] 9 mm Hg (3-49 mm Hg).
Previous studies regarding the interrelationship between water ingestion and IOP and between systemic blood pressure and IOP are available in the literature.
It is highlighted that these changes in IOP can be faced during recovery period of anaesthesia and tracheal extubation as well as during the course of tracheal intubation.
We believe our partnership with IOP will enhance Vita Nonwovens' ability to deliver value and differentiation to our customers while helping us to continue to evolve and grow as an organization.