IOSSInteragency OPSEC Support Staff
IOSSIntergovernmental Open Systems Solutions
IOSSInstitute of Sikh Studies (Chandigarh, India)
IOSSIntelligence Organization & Stationing Study
IOSSIntegrated Ocean Surveillance System
IOSSIntegrated Occupant Sensory System (Intelligent Mechatronic Systems Inc.)
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In this paper, evaluation indicators, proposed by the science and technology development strategy of the Chinese research group (2005), are used for assessing innovation capability for science parks, including IOSS, ISSS and IESS, as listed in Table 2.
In short, the IOSS is the core of the continuous operation for cluster innovation and the main source of continuous innovative capability.
Indicators for evaluating Innovation Capability for Science Parks Sub-System Indicator IOSS Ratio of R&D funding to the regional GDP ([X.
The second part of the IOSS reforms was the creation of CEWI tactical units.
To correct the IOSS criticism of fragmented intelligence production, the Army established the Army Intelligence Agency (AIA) in July 1984.
Powered by proprietary intelligent data analysis and backed by a remote command center staffed by expert Network Operations Center (NOC) administrators, the NOCpulse IOSS allows customers to access a comprehensive picture of their network's overall health at any time of day or night.
For more information on NOCpulse and the IOSS, please visit www.
The NOCpulse IOSS, available Fall 2000, will be deployed to assist companies pro-actively monitor and manage the complex Web-based infrastructures associated with doing business on the Internet.
The NOCpulse IOSS will enable organizations to better understand their Internet infrastructure and in turn make better decisions about scalability.
By building the IOSS, NOCpulse will dramatically reduce the total cost of large-scale Web environments while providing the intelligence that organizations need to proactively grow and justify their Web operations.
To build the NOCpulse IOSS, NOCpulse has attracted top talent from some of the industry's largest Web-based companies including Jon Prall, Senior VP of Technology, and Dan Nater, VP of Operations, both formerly of Excite@Home.