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IOTIn Order To
IOTInternet of Things
IOTIndex-Organized Table
IOTInteroperability Testing
IOTBritish Indian Ocean Territory (ISO 3-letter country code)
IOTInitial Operational Test
IOTInstitute for Ocean Technology (Canada)
IOTInductive Output Tube
IOTIn-Orbit Test
IOTIlluminates of Thanateros
IOTInter-Operator Tariff (GSM Roaming)
IOTIndependent Operational Test
IOTInitial Officer Training (UK Royal Air Force)
IOTIntensive Outpatient Treatment
IOTInstrument Operations Team
IOTIngeniørhøjskolen Odense Teknikum (Danish: Odense University College of Engineering)
IOTIothalamate (radiopaque agent)
IOTImage Output Terminal
IOTInternational Office Technologies (Eagan, MN)
IOTInstitut für Organisations- und Technikgestaltung GmbH (German: Institute for organisational and technological design; Gelsenkrichen, Germany)
IOTInteroffice Trunk
IOTIntraocular Tension
IOTI Only Thought
IOTInput/Output Test
IOTInter-Organizational Transfer
IOTInteroperability Training
IOTInstitut für Oberflächentechnik der Hochschule Zittau/Görlitz (German: Institute for Surface Engineering at the University of Applied Science Zittau/Goerlitz)
IOTInjectable Opioid Treatment (drug treatment)
IOTInformation Operations Technology
IOTIn-Out-Through (MIDI computer protocol)
IOTInvestors of Tomorrow
IOTIntegrated Operator Trainer
IOTIssue Organizing Teams (Progressive Democrats of America)
IOTInteroffice Transfer
IOTIntegrated Office Technology Plc (UK)
IOTIntensive Outreach Team
IOTIndian Oiltanking Limited (Mumbai, India)
IOTImmature Ovarian Teratoma
IOTIntegrated Order Taker
IOTIntubacion Oro Traqueal (Spanish: Oral-Tracheal Intubation)
IOTInstitute of Transportation (Taiwan)
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Successful implementation of IOT paves a way for fast and assured payback.
One of the prerequisite of fast payback is availability of skilled people to operate IOT.
Author also warns that IOT does not guarantee success unless organization is ready to.
Another major challenge for IOT is security issues.
Industry watchers say that IOT can theoretically encode 50 to 100 trillion objects and track their movements via the Net.
The IOT concept was reportedly invented to save energy and improve efficiency of daily goods management, making such idea attractive to economies pursing both goals.
Wang summarizes IOT as "extensive sensing, reliable transmission, and intelligent treatment.
IOT has no employees and has entered into an advisory agreement with Syntek West, Inc.
Device manufacturers use the IOT program to test early release samples of mobile phones against a series of interoperability and configuration tests with InnoPath's iMDM Integrated Solutions.
For more information regarding InnoPath's IOT Program, contact IOTProgram@innopath.
Alcatel has strong IOT capabilities, and has set up specific IOT labs for video applications within its global IOT offerings to Operators and Terminal manufacturers through its 3G Reality Center program.
Digit: Additionally, will IoTs widen or narrow down the socio-economic divide?