IOTEInitial Operational Test & Evaluation
IOTEIndividual Operator Training Equipment
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The primary goals of RRE4 were to properly test and document specific requirements from the CPD, ADM MC, and testing community that included the following: VoIP call setup delay and voice latency metrics; PESQ instrumentation testing; VWP performance; battlefield application network integration; conduct IOTE like vignettes; and pre-PQT instrumentation validation.
The test units involved in the IOTE include I Corps, 1st Cavalry Division, and 5/2 Infantry Division Stryker Brigade Combat Team at Fort Lewis.
Signal Center personnel also actively participated in the IOTE Data Authentication Group activities which provide critical information in the development of the final test report.
Initial reports from IOTE indicate that the Longbow Apache is more than 26 times more effective than the best fielded attack helicopter in the world, the AH-64A.
All six Longbow Apache prototypes participated in IOTE, a three- month-long field exercise that put the aircraft into the hands of the Army crews.
Reports of the aircraft's IOTE success coincided with earlier news that the Dutch Cabinet had recommended the AH-64D Apache as the new armed helicopter for the Royal Netherlands Air Force.