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IOTFInternational Obesity TaskForce
IOTFInteragency Oncology Task Force (National Cancer Institute, US FDA, US DHHS)
IOTFInternet Operations Task Force
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The IOTF cut-off points are widely accepted, and have been used as the global standard for age- and gender-specific norms of BMI classifications to categorise overweight and obesity in youths aged 2-18 years old.
Third, the present study used IOTF reference standards for determining the prevalence of overweight and obesity while the national study used WHO reference standards for the same purpose.
Therefore the aim of this study was to provide sufficient information on obesity among school children aged 10-13 years in Bahrain; using two commonly used reference standards; IOTF and WHO standards.
Relatorios da Organizacao Mundial de Saude e estudo recente do Instituto Nacional de Saude (INS) baseiam-se em sua maior parte, nas deliberacoes e documentacoes da Forca Tarefa Internacional sobre Obesidade IOTF (International Obesity Task Force), da Associacao Internacional para o Estudo da Obesidade-IASO (International Association For The Study Of Obesity), (WHO, 1988).
IOTF thresholds for overweight and obesity and their relation to metabolic risk in children (EarlyBird 20).
It proposes corresponding paediatric cut-offs and IOTF reference curves for overweight and obesity are superimposed upon the UK BMI charts.
In some studies, BMI data are compared with international cut-off points using IOTF (International Obesity Task Force) standards, presented by Cole et al.
The purpose of this NCI-FDA IOTF Molecular Diagnostics subcommittee [3] workshop was to bring together key stakeholders in the proteomics community to explore the analytical validation issues for protein-based marker panels and any new technologies for their intended use.
The IOTF and CI code covers "energy-dense, nutrient-poor foods that are high in fat, sugar and salt".
Now, we know the same youngsters the IOTF is trying to protect have ready access via the net to anything from rampant porn and suicide web pages to dodgy chatrooms.