IOTVImproved Outer Tactical Vest
IOTVInteroffice Transfer Voucher
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Analyzed test conditions PT: Pre-tensioner, LL: Load limiter Test ID Abbreviation Side IOTV Cear TD1403 5pt_base Driver N N TD1404 5pt_iotv Driver Y N TD1405 3pt_base Driver N N TD1407 5pt_sawgunner Passenger Y SAW Gunner TD1408 3pt_sawgunner Passenger Y SAW Gunner TD1409 5pt_sawgunner_ptll Passenger Y SAW Gunner TD1417 3pt_iotv_ptll Driver Y N TD1418 5pt_iotv_ptll Driver Y N
It provides ballistic protection equal to or greater than that of the IOTV in a stand-alone capacity, while reducing the Soldier's load, enhancing comfort, and optimizing mobility and maneuverability.
The IOTV has a higher cut in the underarm area thus eliminating the need to attach the axillary or underarm protector to the current deltoid axillary protector set.
Put the inserts into the IOTV vest pockets--just like you were going to wear them.
In its continuous efforts to reduce the load Soldiers carry, PEO Soldier removed any unnecessary feature from the IOTV to reduce weight.
The IOTV is a lot more comfortable because of the mesh lining inside," said Sgt.
Marine Corp's Scalable Plate Carrier; the Modular Body Armor Vest used by Army Special Forces; and an IOTV with no attachments as a baseline for comparison.
The IOTV, which provides the same level of ballistic protection as the OTV, is three pounds lighter than its predecessor, and provides an additional 52 square inches of protection to the Soldier's lower back.
The IOTV meets Program Executive Office Soldier's goals of providing soldiers with the most advanced protective gear available while also improving comfort and mission effectiveness.
The IOTV and its current assessment is another example of the Army's willingness to constantly reassess our force protection equipment to ensure our Soldiers are wearing the absolute best equipment available.