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IOVI/O Virtualization (allows multiple operating systems running simultaneously to share devices)
IOVIn-Orbit Validation
IOVInstitute of Videography (UK)
IOVIstituto Oncologico Veneto (Italian: Oncology Institute of Veneto; Veneto, Italy)
IOVInternationale Organisation für Volkskunst (German: international organization for people art)
IOVIncandescent Oil Vapor
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html) to introduce the current status and experience of the application and commercialization of IOV, to promote new IOV technologies to deal with existing and future traffic problems.
The VIO-4001 IOV appliance met the performance requirements and delivered the full network connectivity bandwidth at 10 Gbps to standard server environments while reducing costs and complexity.
II Open procedure for the supply of two-year drugs - lots in competition - in demand and to the Medical Institute IRCCS IOV of the Veneto Region, former decree n.
Attendees can also receive a copy of Exar's white paper, "The Missing Piece of Virtualization", which details the benefits of a hardware approach to solving the IOV bottleneck.
The deployment of the IOV appliances is totally non-disruptive and dramatically reduces IT complexity and expenses.
0 interface offers enhanced IOV support for the tightest coupling with virtualized Intel multicore processors in embedded communications designs.
The deployment of the IOV systems is totally non-disruptive and dramatically reduces IT complexity and expenses.
It connects to servers via the native PCI Express[R] interconnect and is compliant with the PCISIG Single-Root IOV (SR-IOV) and Multi-Root IOV (MR-IOV) specifications.
With the Galileo IOV satellites on the way, GIOVE-A has already made room for them.