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IOVI/O Virtualization (allows multiple operating systems running simultaneously to share devices)
IOVInteger Overflow
IOVIn-Orbit Validation
IOVInstitute of Videography (UK)
IOVIstituto Oncologico Veneto (Italian: Oncology Institute of Veneto; Veneto, Italy)
IOVInternationale Organisation für Volkskunst (German: international organization for people art)
IOVIncandescent Oil Vapor
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At the end of the meeting, Dr Shaikh Sultan received a commemorative gift from Ali Abdullah Khalifa, President of IOV World.
The overall value of IOV becomes clear fast: fewer physical io devices to buy, fewer cables to install, zero re-cabling, fewer physical ports to buy, and instantly re-configurable IO.
VirtenSys IOV switches create virtualised I/O Clouds where servers' I/O resources are pooled, consolidated, and allocated on demand based on application needs.
Commenting on the significance of the reveal, Ding Lei, co-founder, global vice chairman and China and Asia Pacific CEO of Letv Super Car, said, "After a few months 'efforts, we finished the integration of an Aston Martin vehicle and the Letv IOV system.
Tenders are invited for purchase of disinfectant and antiseptic agents for 2018 for the establishment of the Gomel Regional Clinical Hospital of the IOV
Contract award notice:Provision of systems for the management of biological samples coming from the operating rooms of the Hospitals Company of Padua, Uss 16 (now ULSS 6) and IOV and intended for UOc Anatomy PA.