IOVSInvestigative Ophthalmology and Visual Science (journal)
IOVSInstitute of Ophthalmology and Visual Science (University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey)
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The authors of the IOVS article include Sirtris Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
By giving organizations a new way to enhance their customers' experiences, IOVS can significantly improve customer service, as well as improve overall employee productivity.
Because IOVS uses one platform, one code base and open standards, customers will see an immediate benefit as development time is significantly reduced.
IOVS is built on Vertical InstantOffice, an integrated communications platform that unifies the administration and management of all voice, data and application services, thereby eliminating the need for multiple devices from multiple vendors.
With IOVS and self-service applications, voice resources can be used as virtual extensions of human resources, enabling around-the-clock service, freeing up staff from answering basic, repetitive questions and allowing staff to focus more of their time on complex interactions that require human intervention.
IOVS directly addresses that need, thereby significantly reducing call abandonment rates, improving customer satisfaction and creating loyal customers.
Built on open standards, IOVS provides ease and flexibility by allowing customers to build their own applications or purchase off-the-shelf, third-party VoiceXML applications for self-service deployment.