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After the field has been narrowed by the first-round reviewers, a committee with representatives from University of Iowa College of Nursing, Iowa Nurses Association, Iowa Nurses Foundation, Iowa Hospital Association, Iowa Emergency Nurse Association, and Iowa Organization of Nurse Leaders makes determinations about the final 100 nurses selected for recognition.
This bill passed the Iowa Senate on April 11, 48-1 and the Iowa House on April 18, 97-1.
5) She later earned her bachelor of arts degree at the University of Iowa in 1972 and shortly thereafter, in 1977, received her juris doctor from Drake University.
His organization, Prison Fellowship Ministries, founded by ex-Watergate felon Charles Colson, has been sponsoring the Iowa program for three years.
Tim graduated from Regina High School in Iowa City.
In mid-April, an influx of racing greyhounds into Iowa greyhound tracks resulted in outbreaks of respiratory disease within the track compounds.
In Ohio and Illinois and on a few farms in Iowa the McCormick reaper was taking hold.
The team compared the cancer incidence rate in the cohort to that expected in the general population to generate a standardized incidence ratio, and found an increased cancer incidence rate among children of the Iowa workers.
Campaign workers for the presidential candidates actively contesting the Iowa caucuses are bonded by common denominators like nights on air mattresses, meals of cold pizza, and long hours selling their candidates door-to-door.
They certainly were better than Iowa, scoring 31 consecutive points against the Hawkeyes, including 28 in a row to open the second half.
In Iowa, offenders can contest the registration requirement by filing an "application for determination" with the state Department of Public Safety.
The plan Osterberg envisions for Iowa and many other Great Plains states would work something like this: farmers use their rough or steep land, which is not ideal for their normal crops anyway, to plant carbon-sequestering crops such as switch grass.