IOWGInformation Operations Working Group (various nations)
IOWGInduced Ordered Weighted Geometric Operator
IOWGInternational Oil Working Group
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The cell members may coordinate during meetings (such as an IOWG meetings) or over a local area network.
This director coordinates all non-lethal effects at daily IOWG meetings using the D3A targeting methodology.
59) A brigade in Afghanistan does not conduct a separate IOWG, but integrates IO objectives and tasks into FECC meetings, which synchronize all brigade lethal and non-lethal fires.
Targets and suspected targets are then passed to the targeting team by a number of means, to include intelligence from subordinate units, IOWG, etc.
CJTF-180 Operational Law Attorney, to the author, subject: IOWG (1 Jan.
See E-mail from MAJ Laura Klein, Advanced Operational Law Studies Fellow, to author, subject: IOWG (23 Dec.