IP@SSIntegrated Passenger Security Solutions
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Oded Bashan, Chairman, President and CEO of OTI, remarked: "This expansion of the IP@SS System demonstrates the security and reliability of the OTI smart card product platform in venues where rapid, convenient throughput of customers, combined with high security, is mandatory.
The smart card upgrade to the IP@SS system has been implemented by Continental Airlines on its flights between Newark Liberty International Airport and Tel Aviv, Israel since October 2002 with great success.
IP@SS is a computerized integrated system for the verification and screening of passengers and travel documents, which integrates an automated document scanner, biometric identification and verification systems, database search and analysis systems, and smart card technology.
The IP@SS system constitutes a "registered traveler" concept within which frame work a passenger is issued a contactless smartcard that will be utilized on the return flight thereby accelerating the security and check-in process.
The IP@SS system has been operating seamlessly at Newark Liberty International Airport for several months on Continental Airlines flights to Tel Aviv, Israel.
ICTS is currently in a trial phase of its IP@SS system at Newark airport, on certain Continental Airlines flights.