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IP3Inositol Triphosphate
IP3Third Order Intercept Point
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Recognising that television facilities will increasingly require complex signal management and support for multiple formats, BBC Studioworks selected the Platinum IP3 router from Imagine Communications as a flexible and agile hub for managing SDI video and AES audio signals in the complex.
We look forward to collaborating closely with the ALSF in building the capacity of African governments especially their attempts to create legal frameworks and enabling environments that will create a climate that is conducive to investment in social and infrastructure PPP projects, stated David Baxter, IP3 Executive Director.
We estimate potential dividends generated by an IP3 approach using data from the Columbus, Ohio, metropolitan area.
This is important, Montminy says, because the team also discovered that activity of the IP3 receptor and calcineurin in the liver are increased in diabetic insulin resistance, resulting in more blood sugar.
A new dual amplifier has been described that exhibits ultra low noise figure and improved gain, P1dB and IP3 performance over a very wide frequency range, making it ideal for use in a variety of receivers for personal communication and high data infrastructure systems.
The network is to be delivered by IP3, wireless telecomms company MobilePro and Strix Systems, the Access/One Network Outdoor Wireless System provider.
For more information, as well as a list of scheduled cities and dates for the 2004 IP3 Security workshops, visit www.
DENVER -- Harris Broadcast raises the bar it previously set for multi-format signal routing with the introduction of the Platinum[TM] IP3 router -- the broadcast industry's first router to accommodate separate video, audio and data paths within the same frame.
Imagine Communications has announced the availability of a compact version of its acclaimed Platinum IP3 28RU high-performance router.
Under the IP3 project, YPAs were deployed for a period of fifteen months to committees, departments and wings of the National Assembly and Senate, including the Speakers office and the office of the Leader of the Opposition.
Senator Mushahid, while terming the IP3 project a landmark initiative, said that in the recent years the Senate of Pakistan has played a pivotal role in strengthening democracy.