IPAKInvestment Promotion Agency of Kosovo
IPAKInformation Protection Assessment Kit
IPAKIncome Property Association of Kern
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Formed before the Second World War, IPAK was hounded by the Nazis during the war and by the Communist Polish authorities after.
In Britain the IPAK was formed in 1947 and is still a strong organisation.
Because regulations, such as Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and the Affordable Care Act (ACA), require trading partners to connect with the Health Exchanges to transmit and receive specific transaction formats - interoperability connection points, such as IPAKs are required to connect data to specific Carrier business processes.
e-Integrate's IPAKs were used to integrate the latest version of EDI transactions for Enrollment and Financial data of CMS and four State Exchanges for five major Health Insurance Carriers.
It is available in through-hole mounting IPAK (TO-251) or a surface-mounting DPAK (TO-252) packages.
The devices are available in TO220, D2PAK, TO262, DPAK and IPAK packages, offered lead free and are RoHS compliant.
a designer and manufacturer of turnkey pressure sensitive labeling equipment; and IPAK Machinery Ltd.
IPAK recording artist Ansel Brown kicks off a preview of his Bigger Heart Tour with appearances at five children's hospitals in North and South Carolina, January 14-18.
You can connect with Ansel, and hear his IPAK Records' debut single, "Mine's Bigger," at www.
ILS and DEX are management standards that e-Integrate's products, including IPAKs & eCommand, are able to integrate & monitor all elements of the logistic support model throughout the product life-cycle.