IPARInstitute for Policy Analysis and Research
IPARIntercepted Photosynthetically Active Radiation
IPARInstitute of Personality Assessment and Research (now Institute of Personality and Social Research; University of California, Berkeley)
IPARIncident Photosynthetically Active Radiation (at the top of the plant canopy)
IPARIndividual Procurement Action Report
IPARIntegrated Primary Analysis and Reporting (genome analyzer)
IPARImproved Pulse Acquisition Radar
IPARInformal Performance Assessment Report
IPARInternational Police Aviation Research
IPARInterpolyelectrolyte Addition Reaction
IPARInternational Partpintabian Association and Registry
IPARIssue Performance Analysis and Reporting
IPARInternational Platform for Advanced Recycling
IPARIn-Place Augmented Reality
IPARInjury Prevention and Rehabilitation (Australian National University)
IPARIntegrity Professionalism Accountability Respect (Vancouver Police Department, Canada motto)
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The project objectives are (i) to enhance the human and institutional capacity of IPAR for conducting relevant research studies to inform policy making processes and (ii) to improve capabilities of state and non-state actors in policy analysis and management.
Tickers featured: ACV, AVP, CL, CLX, EL, IPAR, KMB, MAT, NWL, PFE, PG, PRGO, PYX, UL.
Appendix Table A-1 Variables Description IPUBR Real Public Investment (Total) LABIND Employed Labour Force (Total) YSFCR Real GDP (FC) IPR Real Private Investment (Total) LA Employed Labour Force (Agriculture) YSAR Real Value added (Agriculture) IPAR Real Private Investment (Agriculture) IGMR Real Public Investment (Manufacturing) LM Employed Labour Force (Manufacturing) YSMR Real Value Added (Manufacturing) IPMR Real Private Investment (Manufacturing) IGAR Real Public Investment (Agriculture)