IPARInstitute for Policy Analysis and Research
IPARIntercepted Photosynthetically Active Radiation
IPARInstitute of Personality Assessment and Research (now Institute of Personality and Social Research; University of California, Berkeley)
IPARIncident Photosynthetically Active Radiation (at the top of the plant canopy)
IPARIndividual Procurement Action Report
IPARIntegrated Primary Analysis and Reporting (genome analyzer)
IPARImproved Pulse Acquisition Radar
IPARInformal Performance Assessment Report
IPARInternational Police Aviation Research
IPARInterpolyelectrolyte Addition Reaction
IPARInternational Partpintabian Association and Registry
IPARIssue Performance Analysis and Reporting
IPARInternational Platform for Advanced Recycling
IPARIn-Place Augmented Reality
IPARInjury Prevention and Rehabilitation (Australian National University)
IPARIntegrity Professionalism Accountability Respect (Vancouver Police Department, Canada motto)
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1: There are more articles in the IPAR on implicit European principles, i.
2: There are more articles in the IPAR that reflect an international approach, i.
206; Lopizic, 2013) to the IPAR and the CCPA issues.
Summing up all shares of papers in the IPAR regarding the first set of topics, one notes that 51% of papers deal with such topics as the first dominant topic, compared to only 28% in the CCPA.
In sum, the IPAR and the CCPA CA proves that the Slovenian and Croatian PA and research are still mostly asymmetric and multidisciplinary, as well as fragmented or in the phase of EAS I of (continuing) building up formally joint values, laws and policies (Trondal and Peters, 2013; Hofmann, 2008, p.
1993) was used to estimate the daily fraction of IPAR (flPAR) around silking, with flPAR = 0.
05) between the number of kernels per plant and the estimated IPAR [plant.
Even though thinning increased IPAR per plant after silking and resulted in kernel set of otherwise undeveloped kernels, the presilking environment had affected ear growth, as also observed under severe defoliation (Jacobs and Pearson, 1991) or very low nitrogen availability (Camberato et al.
Increasing IPAR per plant after silking resulted in kernel set of structures which aborted in control treatments at high PP, suggesting apical florets were not permanently affected by decreased IPAR per plant before silking.
The tool can be used by the evaluators throughout the product evaluation life cycle, beginning with the PTR and ending with the IPAR and FER.
The NCSC has also implemented the LaTeX [9] system on the DOCKMASTER to assist the evaluators in developing various products such as the PTR, IPAR and FER.
In order to ensure completeness and consistency across the evaluations, the NCSC has developed annotated outlines for the PTR, IPAR and FER.