IPARDIsland Park Advocates for Responsible Development (Island Park, ID)
IPARDInstrument for Pre-Accession Assistance for Rural Development (EU)
IPARDInstitute for Public Administration and Regional Development (Ukraine)
IPARDInstitute of Participatory Agriculture Research and Development (Sri Lanka)
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Regarding the IPARD assets, Minister Cvetkov reminded that Macedonia disposes of vast means.
He also said that the third call for applications for using IPARD funds, of which 29 million euros have remained, would be announced next week.
The IPARD investment program disposes of EUR 29 million and the National program for mechanization anticipates MKD 40 million i.
Slovenian experts will instruct Macedonian institutions how to better use the assets granted by the EU IPARD program allocated for rural development.
Agriculture Minister Mihail Cvetkov admitted they were not satisfied with how the money had so far been drawn from the EU funds yet he said effort would be made to utilize all 106 million euros of the IPARD 2 program.
5 million and its goal is the formation of the IPARD agency and the governing body in accordance with EU requirements, preparation and implementation of a training plan for these two bodies, as well as assistance to Serbia in the EU integration process, the Minister explained.
The guarantee fund will be available to all producers having applied and been granted funds by the IPARD Programme.
As of this year, farmers are able to procure machinery by way of co-financing and through the IPARD programmet", experts say.
I don't know anyone who has been paid any money from the IPARD Programme," Aleksandar Krstevski from the Skopje village of Stajkovci has told Utrinski vesnik.
Dimovski informed that the preparation of the IPARD programme for 2014-2020 is undergoing which projects inclusion of agrienvironment measures.
Through the project, 3 main areas of activities will be undertaken: upgrading the quality of advice currently provided by the extension service, including assessment of the current capacity of the extension service and preparation and delivery of a training programme for the staff of extension services, provision to farmers of useful information and guidance in order to take advantage of funding through IPARD measures and efficiently plan new investments by submitting applications for funding through IPARD measures, institutional improvement activities, including the design of specific studies to understand the role of structural and technical factors on farm income.
He also encouraged farmers to learn more about and apply for the funds of the IPARD 2 Programme of 106 million euros.