IPARTIndependent Pricing and Regulatory Tribunal (New South Wales, Australia)
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IPART (Independent Pricing and Regulatory Tribunal) (2003) Inclining block tariffs for electricity network services, Discussion Paper 64, Sydney, IPART.
2010) Review of Regulated Retail Tariffs and Charges for Electricity 2010-2013: Electricity--Final Report, Sydney, IPART.
2011) Changes in Regulated Electricity Retail Prices from 1 July 2011: Electricity--Final Report, Sydney, IPART.
IPART said it is concerned about electricity affordability for low-income, high consumption households and believe that targeted assistance should be directed to these customers.
IPART Chairman Rod Sims said the price increases would be difficult for many families to deal with.
IPART, in approving or determining these charges, will help ensure sufficient revenue streams for the efficient delivery of regulated services , ACCC Commissioner Cristina Cifuentes said.
The Final Decision to accredit IPART is subject to the same conditions applied by the ACCC to the ESCV.
The first condition requires IPART to apply pricing principles developed by the ACCC when making its decision and the second requires IPART, on request, to provide information to the ACCC to enable it to monitor and enforce the accreditation arrangements and the water charge rules.
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