IPATInstituto Panameño de Turismo (Spanish: Panama Tourism Bureau)
IPATIP Analysis Tools (Cisco)
IPATInternet Protocol Access Terminal
IPATInstitute for Personality & Ability Testing
IPATImplementation Process Action Team
IPATIndependent Program Assessment Team
IPATIn-Plant Acceptance Test
IPATImplant Acceptance Testing
IPATInter-Packet Arrival Time (computers)
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The AMEDD Lessons Learned staff also participates in other DCDD IPATs, including telehealth, mild traumatic brain injury and concussion recovery care, advanced trauma management, prehospital medical informatics, battlefield oxygen requirements, and en route critical care.
Table 1 Number of Hits for Major Anxiety Instruments in PsycINFO (2000-2005) Rank Order f Beck Anxiety Inventory 148 Anxiety Sensitivity Index 125 Children's Manifest Anxiety Scale 80 State-Trait Anxiety Inventory- Children 78 Hamilton Anxiety Rating Scale 66 State-Trait Anxiety Inventory-Adults 55 Penn State Worry Questionnaire 51 Fear Survey Schedule 45 Test Anxiety Inventory 19 Taylor Manifest Anxiety Inventory 18 Worry Domains Questionnaire 16 Zung Self-Rating Anxiety Scale 14 Depression-Anxiety Stress Scale 12 Thought Control Questionnaire 10 Endler Multidimensional Anxiety Scales 7 IPAT Anxiety Scale 6 Anxiety Control Questionnaire 6 Mood and Anxiety Symptom Questionnaire 5 Health Anxiety Questionnaire 5
At an IPAT level of thinking, that seemed to mean that the climate caused the diseases.
IPAT 1973, Technical Supplement for the Culture Fair Intelligence Tests Scales 2 and 3, Institute for Personality and Ability Testing, Champaign, IL.
Die IPAT Angsskaal was gebruik om overte en koverte angs te meet.
Electronic IPAT Data Will Measure Impact of Integration Across Multiple Health Care Settings
Pronexus (Carp, Canada), IPAT Corporation (Cincinnati), and Lernout & Hauspie (Burlington, Mass.
IPAT aims to increase the number and variety of events at the convention center, which, in turn, should boost the economy.
Details: Unidad Coordinadora IPAT-BID, IPAT, Calle 77 Este No.
The meeting will be attended by the ministers of tourism of Central America, namely: Ruben Rochi, Minister of Tourism of El Salvador and President Pro Tempore of the Central American Tourism Council; Mario Salinas Pasos, Executive Chairman of INTUR; Ricardo Martinez, Minister of Tourism of Honduras; Carlos Ricardo Benavides, minister of Tourism of Costa Rica; Sara Sanchez, Secretary General of IPAT, representing Ruben Blades, Minister of Tourism of Panama; Julio Orozco, director of INGUAT; and Manuel Heredia Jr.
After reviewing other test providers, IPAT emerged as the obvious choice to continue the promotion and delivery of Hilson tests," said Robin Inwald, Ph.
A Market for Trading of the Class A Common Shares of Impatica Has Been Established Under the Symbol IPAT