IPAWSIntegrated Public Alert and Warning System (US FEMA)
IPAWSInterim Portable Analysis Workstation
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IPReady does so much more than simply allow us to connect with IPAWS for EAS CAP compliance.
Recommendation: In order that the public alert and warning system be conceived of, designed, and implemented, the Secretary of Homeland Security should direct the Administrator, FEMA to improve program management and align IPAWS's vision with the requirements established in the executive order, implement processes for systems development and deployment, including (1) updating IPAWS strategic goals and milestones, implementation plans, and performance measures; (2) prioritizing projects in consultation with stakeholders; and (3) creating the necessary documentation on system design and specific release schedules for IPAWS.
The report should include information on ongoing IPAWS projects, financial information on program expenditures, and status updates in achieving performance measures and reaching milestones.
IPAWS is a program operated by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) designed to make alerts more effective for the nation.
Also included are enhanced IPAWS tools that support canceling and updating messages.
Some CAP messages were also exchanged with the adjacent FEMA IPAWS booth, where they were broadcast via an expanded Emergency Alert System (EAS) to a variety of broadcasting mediums, including radio, television, mobile phones, and personal computers.
The IPAWS Program Office is pleased to take part in interoperability demonstrations at IAEM and is looking forward to increased participation from the vendor community to advance public alert and warning," said Antwane V.
The MNS shall support County and City access to the Integrated Public Alert and Warning System (IPAWS) and all IPAWS functionality, including Wireless Emergency Alerting (WEA) using the Common Alerting Protocol (CAP).
July 24, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Omnilert today announced the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has approved the company's products as IPAWS alert originators.
debuts its Next Gen Emergency Alert System (EAS) solution for CAP IPAWS compliance at the NAB Show, April 16 - 19, in Booth # C1148.
The FCC has mandated that all radio stations adopt a new Emergency Alert System/Common Alerting Protocol (EAS CAP) which requires that transmitter sites throughout the United States are connected to the IPAWS (Integrated Public Alert and Warning System) database via an Internet connection.
According to Mark Lucero, IPAWS Program Manager, FEMA, "The demonstration showed that FM RBDS is a viable communications technology at the state and local emergency manager level for disseminating emergency information.