IPAXImageworks Professional Academic Excellence (training program; trademark of Sony Imageworks)
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com for its groundbreaking new partnership with Sony Pictures Imageworks and Sony Pictures Animation's IPAX Education Program as an important step for students and employers in today's tight economy.
NACT's product line includes the IPAX family of switching gateway systems running premier applications, the NTS 2000 Billing and Provisioning system, and the WebConnect web interface.
The three month long mentorship program paired Sony Pictures Imageworks and Sony Pictures Animation professionals with student apprentices selected from the 18 current IPAX member schools for individualized online mentoring, training and guidance.
Certification of our NACT IPAX by British Telecom is further proof of our global commitment to delivering solutions that enable fast and easy implementation of the services end-users want, in a way that makes sense for service providers," said Steve Odom, Verso's chairman and chief executive officer.
13 /PRNewswire/ -- Sony Pictures Imageworks' and Sony Pictures Animation's IPAX education program announced today the launch of its new online mentor program which will begin in the winter of 2009, and will leverage Animation Mentor's unique learning model and state-of-the-art online technology.
July 22 /PRNewswire/ -- Sony Pictures Imageworks president Tim Sarnoff is proud to announce its second annual scholarship winners, presented this year to four students currently enrolled at academic institutions affiliated with IPAX, Imageworks and Sony Pictures Animation's Professional Academic Excellence program.
With the addition of these seven new schools, we are excited that the IPAX program continues to follow its original goal of helping educate the educators which in turn helps students excel," said Sarnoff.
IPAX is a program designed to share, extend and expand the Imageworks knowledge base.
NACT's products include the IPAX family of gateway systems, the NTS 2000 Billing/OSS system, as well as complete training and consulting services.
PROVO) NACT IPAX Gateways And VoIP-7 Provide Complete
IPAX Gateways Utilizing VoIP-7 Provide Complete Call Detail Records (CDRs) With Billing and Traffic Engineering Data for VoIP Traffic That is Equivalent
The newest member of NACT's IPAX Gateway Family, the Pico, is a Sleek, Rack- Mountable Unit With the Capacity to Handle up to Eight DS1s (T1/E1); The Pico