IPBCInstitute of Professional Bookkeepers of Canada
IPBCIreland-Pakistan Business Council (Dublin, Ireland)
IPBCIntergovernmental Personnel Benefit Cooperative (municipality cooperative; health care costs; Illinois)
IPBCIndependent Public Business Corporation of Papua New Guinea (est. 2002; economic management group)
IPBCIndependent Power Boat Club (Australia)
IPBCIodopropynyl Butylcarbamate (preservative)
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3 ml sample of the fungicide dissolved in ethanol media was collected using a pipette and put into a cuvette to measure UV absorbance value (%) using a UV-Vis spectrophotometer (model DR/4000 U; Hach, Loveland CO, USA) at wavelengths of 205 and 248 for IPBC and carbendazim, respectively.
In 2008 IAM hosted the inaugural IPBC in Amsterdam.
A commercial sapstain control product was evaluated at a low and high concentration that contained a 4:3 ratio of propiconazole to IPBC.
864CR employs a controlled release mechanism of the active ingredients IPBC, BCM, Isoproturon, and Terbutryn for optimum broad-spectrum efficacy as well as environmental benefits such as resistance to excessive leaching.
On painted surfaces, combinations of 3-iodo-2-propynyl butylcarbamate (IPBC) in the top coat and IPBC plus triazoles in the primer were best able to resist mold growth at two Norwegian sites (Gobakken and Jensen 2007).
Based on the controlled release of IPBC through microencapsulation into an inorganic carrier, Fungitrol 940CR may be used to resolve tradeoffs in dry-film protection strategies and to enhance the overall performance of fungicide in use.
Introduced at the same time, Intercide IPBC is an organic fungicide also developed for use in flexible PVC compounds and other thermoplastic products.
The IPBC event, combining the auction with the CIPO Summit, consisted of two days of high-level, practical discussions led by a world-class faculty of over seventy speakers focusing on understanding the roles and responsibilities of the chief intellectual property officer.
Ashland has released several new products including Nuosept 498G preservative, a globally accepted, 20 percent BIT-based product, and Nuospet BIC preservative, a water-based formaldehyde-free product with three active ingredients, BIT, IPBC and CMIT, that work to provide protection across a wide antimicrobial spectrum.
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